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Turn your aircraft's downtime into upside. Rent your plane out. Flown by commercial pilots.

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Make Money

Rent your plane out when you’re not using it. Flown by commercial pilots, never a student pilot.

Free Management

Don’t waste time dealing with maintenance when you should be enjoying your plane. Let a dedicated professional manage all maintenance and even detail your plane so you can just arrive and fly.

$50MM of Confidence

You are covered by a $50MM insurance policy for each AirCrafty partner-facilitated rental.

Fly When You Want

Reserve your plane online whenever you want to fly.

Why AirCrafty?

Aircraft  Management That Makes Sense and Money: You love your plane, but like all things we love, it can be a pain sometimes, too. Management by a charter operator means management fees that cost more than you make from chartering. The only other option is flight schools, which ultimately leads to unwanted wear and tear. No student pilots, no management fees and money back in your pocket. It just makes sense.

All Aircraft Welcome: From Cessna 182s to Pilatus PC-12s, our team of dedicated aircraft management professionals can help you earn money while taking care of the day-to-day pain points of aircraft ownership. Our management team provides personalized support for each owner ensuring that no detail is forgotten.

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