Not getting enough out of your aircraft?

AirCrafty not only eliminates stress but can also make you money.

Rent Your Aircraft and Make Money

Rent your aircraft through our verified partners and earn an hourly rate whenever your aircraft is rented out. Our team will help you set the rate and manage scheduling. Once the rate is set, we’ll take care of the rest.

Safety Is Our Number One Priority

We rank safety at the very top of our priorities, and for that reason we will help ensure that pilots flying your aircraft meet all insurance, FAR, and safety requirements.

Lower Overall Ownership Costs

Save both time and money. Leave the maintenance hassles to our dedicated team of professionals. Spend your time doing more of the things you love, like flying!

Trusted Maintenance Professionals

Our team will coordinate and manage your aircraft’s maintenance with our trusted partners or one that you are currently using. Your choice. We have established partnerships with leading FAA certified maintenance providers to ensure your aircraft is taken care of with the highest levels of safety, compliance and quality possible.

AirCrafty, LLC is a small aircraft management company based in California
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